Friday, February 17, 2006

Discussion for Politics, Blogging for Composition

This will now be the second time we have piloted the discussion group with a Government class. The first time we ran our student's grades through a battery of statiscal methods to figure out if grades were affected by the presence of the discussion forum. Indeed they were. The course registered about a 15% increase in grades across the board. Now in its 2nd pilot, with the same courses but a different instructor and board format, I am eager to find what the numbers will say.

Because of the incredible success of our first board, I have decided to go ahead and engineer a similar tool that may be able to at least provide the same results but with students enrolled in English and Composition. I thought that perhaps a "discussion" would not be the best format for this crowd, but perhaps a "Blog" would be better suited.

Indeed, a blog would allow our aspiring writers to self-reflect and review each other and topics that they come across while participating in an English reading or writing class. I will go ahead and develop a blogger tool, modified enough so that it will fit well with the educational environment, and allow for instructors and myself to track all sorts of interesting data so we can measure if in fact students in reading or writing will show improvement as a result of being regular bloggers. This is by no means a small project, so look for our results in a few months.

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