Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hello World (of Education)

Today's mantra is: try it yourself before you convince your clients to use it. I am a Instructional Technology Designer for a small community college. The long title basically means: to empower others in enhancing their instruction through the use of new and innovative technologies. That's pretty much how my days at work go.

Often you don't hear alot about how technology is (supposed to be) enhancing education. As an engineer by trade (software) I am accustomed to devising solutions for clients that are easy-to-use and that address a problem. My client's current problem goes something like this: I have tried everything and I simply cannot reach my students. The solution is actually quite extensive, so hopefully with this blog I will be able to share with you, from an instructional, educational, and engineering perspective how I am progressing towards this solution.

By the way, don't expect to see the final results of this experiement in my life time, but feel free to draw your own conclusions and attempt the "experiements" yourself.

...and I simply could not end this first post without geeking out: echo "Hello World (of Education)";


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